Thursday, March 28, 2013

Staircase revealed!! It's done, finally!

Before                      After

Just in case you missed parts I & II, check them out here.

They're done! They're finally done!  Ah ha ha ha ha! I mean every little nook and cranny is caulked, every staple removed, every piece of trim is up, every wall I messed up in the process is sanded and painted and dry!  Hallelujah!  
Next year, for lent, I'm giving up home projects...because they are addictive!

I can't even begin to explain how free I feel.  It was like a monkey was on my back for a month with this being unfinished!  It took so long because I couldn't just drop everything and work on the steps!  I mean, these people actually wanted clean clothes and food around here...geesch!  So, what should have taken a week or two, took a whole month!!!   And I hated every moment of it!  Not doing the project, but leaving it "under construction" every night!!!  I am impatient.  Have I mentioned that? Yeah I have.  So, so impatient.  I want my projects "done before dinner".  ( a little slogan I live by.)  This was a killer.

  So, standing back and checking out the work, it's not bad, it's not great either.  But I have to smile when I look at it, because I created it all by myself!  Well, with a little help from the off-spring!  They did some painting too!  I think it's a trillion times better than the 7 year old, basic builder's carpet, with a cheap blonde oak banister!!!

I searched high and low for a picture of the steps with the oak rail, this was all I could find.  Me with my beautiful sister and my beautiful baby cakes!  (sniff, she's 4 now..)  Also glad to report that yellow paint in the family room is gone.
Way Back When

Before: with treated banister
(paint and brown glaze)

In progress... no trim under the risers or the "millwork"

I'd like to especially thank the inventor of wood filler by the pint, and painter's caulk... you people rock and this wouldn't have been possible without you!  (wipes tears away and blows kiss)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cheap - Cheap Bird Lamp

Knockoff Sarah Lamp from Rosenberry Rooms

Sarah Lamp Rosenberry Rooms
I had a little table lamp base from Target, it was plain white, and free, so for the "experiment" it would be perfect.  (I always start these projects as trial runs, and end up just using them as the real deal.  Lazy or Lucky? ) 

I used real twigs from outside, hot glue, fake leaves from some fake flowers I already had on hand. 
I hot glued the twigs on and the leaves.
Then, I coated the whole thing in Modge Podge to harden up the leaves.
While that was sitting to dry, I made a little bird out of newspaper and masking tape, and Modge Podged him together.
The next day, I hot glued Bird Man onto a branch, and spray painted the whole thing with a cream paint.
I added the crystal pull from Lowes'.
The shade was the most expensive, $10 at Target and I trimmed it up with Ric Rac hot glued around the shade. 

Now, I know the Sarah Lamp is way bigger and grander, but I don't need all that, this rustic little cutie works great in the space and only cost $15!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Staircase Transformation Part Two ?

I feel like this is part 200 because, have I mentioned before how impatient I am????!!!!  This is taking way too long!  I hit a point where I stood back and literally said, "What did I do?"  But then it seemed that it all came back around to my original vision, and so far I really love it!
This post has a lot of pictures, I tried to capture each stikin' step, (not step as in step you walk on kind of  step, but a cute pun for this project right?)  Anyway, here's how it looks so far.....

The wood trim on the "triangular" wall was inspired by a picture I came across on Pinterest, what else is knew... it can be found at the bottom of the post Staircase Transformation Part 1
Now, I've also mentioned before, how the spouse isn't always on board with my ideas.  O.K. that's being nice, he hates pretty much any idea I come up with.  Hater.  But, I trudge on, not being swayed by his negative decorating attitude.  It fuels my fire and I sit back and wait for the, "Wow Babe, it looks great!  You never fail to amaze me."....on and on.  I didn't get that half way throughout this project.  I think he even gave it a look.  You know what look I mean.

Even the kids don't get it.  They were all "What's it for?"  "What are you putting in the squares?"  "Does it help the wall stay up?" 
What is wrong with them???  Does not one of my kids have my love for character and charm?!!!  The one who asked what color I'm painting each square, I'm pretty sure was swapped with my real kid in the newborn nursery 7 years ago.
The 1X3 boards were put up with liquid nails and some small real nails
Here's two of the traitors helping me paint
First coat of paint and yeah, I hated it, you can't really see in the picture how much it just looked like a cross on the wall.  Not that I'm opposed to huge crosses (we already have one above the basement door you can see it in the full shot)
So, back to the home improvement store for some more wood and low and behold, they have a better selection than before- so I'm a happy hunter and headed back home to try to salvage my stairway.
Now in between all of this, I bought the base cap I wanted to use for the trim under each riser.  You can see it in the picture above, under each step.  It was pre-primed and that's a plus.  After cutting them to size with the good old miter box, I used Liquid Nails and coated the back pretty good, if it squeezed out, I just wiped it off.  I held it up a few minutes and used Frog Tape to keep it in place.  Some of my steps were not level, so I did have to tack those up with a little finishing nail.  I haven't finished them, they need caulk and paint, but I can see the light.

The base cap from Lowes

Liquid Nails on the back
Adhered then held up with Frog Tape

The outside edge (to be caulked still)

without trim
With trim

So the saga continues... but I'm making headway.  Oh, and the spouse... yeah, he said it looks like a sample home.  I'm cool with that.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

So Easy Silhouettes

I wanted the look of those cute silhouettes and I am too impatient to follow any of the tutorials I found online, involving photo shop, etc.  I decided to improvise. I'm always trying to cut corners on projects and sometimes it doesn't work ...this one did.!  I mean, how long are these going to stay up anyway, ( so I thought..  they've been up almost 2 years now!)
I used:
 5 old frames
black matte spray paint
black construction paper
double sided tape
card stock
and printer paper
1.  Snap your picture
2.  Print on plain paper
3.  Align it on construction paper
4.  Cut out profile on top of black paper, now you have a black silhouette on not so black construction paper
5.  Lightly mist with black matte spray paint, very fine or it will curl up, I taped it down onto newspaper
6.  Allow to dry and double side tape it to card stock
7.  Frame it!
All done and so darn cute!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sidelight Solution

A solution for now anyway. I had a little privacy problem and I decided to solve it with Gallery Glass. This stuff has been around for a while and is hard to find in stores. I actually had some on hand from years ago and ordered the faux lead strips from Amazon.
I don't have a before, because I never intended to blog, but I do have an in-progress and a finished pic.
I used a white board marker to try out different designs until I came up with one I liked.
Here I started to add the "lead" lines
Above, you can see how I drew the pattern I wanted with the marker.
I just stretched and curved the lead lines to create the curls for the design.
After I finished "leading" I filled it in with the clear Gallery Glass and used different paintbrushes to create texture or smooth depending on which panel I was working in.

A new front door is on the "want" list, but for now this is my solution to needing light in the foyer and stopping those visitors from peeking in!

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kitchen Update for Cheap!

These plates have been by the back door for a couple of years really, since we moved in.  It looks a little lackluster and I've been eyeing up those hand-painted stone dishes at every store I'm in but don't want to spend $50.00 on a pair of unused plates.
Fast forward to Target, the clearance endcap, my fav spot of all times.  (I always, always, always cruise by the ends of the aisles to see what good clearance homegoods, jewelry, kid stuff, toys, ok you get it.)
I found these for 88 cents each!!!  They are outdoor dishwear that looks and feels hand-painted, and only I know they're plastic. (and now you)
Before and after...

$0.88  whoot whoot!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Copycat Hallway Signs

Over at , Destiny features her hallway with hanging signs, I (and probably everyone with a hallway) fell in love with what she did!
The detailed tutorial is available on the link above, I followed it and ordered my decals from The House of Smiths, where they are actually available in a 3 pack at their shop, but I wanted mine in Italian, so I emailed and requested. 
I chose mine to say bath, kitchen, and cinema (for above the basement door)
I have yet to hang that one up!
Not as cute as Destiny's, but a neat conversation piece!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Curbside Redo

I was driving along, minding my own business, when I passed this awful pie cabinet on the curb and of course, I have to figure out how to get it home and refinish it.  It was so bad looking, but solid wood.  I always look at these pieces as "nothing spent so nothing lost" if I hate how it turns out!
This picture does this thing some justice, it even had square knobs, it was so nasty I considered just dragging it back out to the street, but thought better of it, because then my neighbors would think I had that in my house.  So either way I had to paint it.
So it became a guinea pig. I mean, I'm going for free here people.  I mixed my own paint to try to create a grey, that turned a sea -grey -blue color, not bad really.  Then I did a little white wash treatment and added some crown molding that was in the garage-I picked that up at Restore for no reason a few months earlier (glad I did) and some crystal knobs from Walmart.   I added natural muslin to the doors in lieu of glass because the guinea pig already cost me $10 bucks in knobs, so whatever material I had was going in there - attached with a glue gun of course. Yes, chicken wire was my first vision, but again, not on hand.  I still thought about throwing this out at this point. 
So after I stepped back, I liked it enough and it now has a spot in the kids' "video game room"or VGR for short- with toy bins in it!  The spouse hates it.  So it is out of plain view!  I might paint it turquoise or yellow, now that it has found a spot.  It was upstairs for a few months, in the basement for a while, & for now in the "VGR."
**A special thanks to my brother-in-law Kevin for driving over to trash pick the thing after I couldn't pick it up myself!!!!!  :)

Scrabble Letter Wall Decor

I love, love, love these scrapbook Scrabble-like letters I found at the craft store, but I don't scrapbook....  Besides they are too stinkin' adorable to be shut in a book! 

So, over my second cup of coffee one morning this past weekend, I heated up the glue gun, and created a little cuteness for my family room "clutter wall."

  • Thickers from Joanne's
  • Burlap leftover from the Burlap Wreath
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue (to keep the Thickers on)
  • Frame 

Kids and clutter, everywhere as usual! 
There it is!  Top right corner of the clutter wall! 
Want to see what the dog was doing the whole time...?
Chow Hound