Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Little Red Cabinet That Could..

Summer's Here....and so it begins. 

I love summer, I love having the kids home, no schedules, no lunches to pack, no homework, no sports, no alarm.  But there's a point, somewhere in the second week home from school, that I realize there's also no organization. So the sunblock goes missing, the sunglasses-who knows?., the flip flops...everywhere. (10 separate flip flops, people)
I needed a quick fix and I started to feel the need for a station coming on.  I have stations for everything.  There's a dog station, cat station, coffee station, toy station, work get my point.  I needed an "outdoor"  station.
I decided to use the small cabinet we have in the kitchen, by the back door.  This little red cabinet was a little brown cabinet that my dad actually made in wood shop, when he was in high school.  I took the liberty of painting it and using it in my kitchen, where it is now home to all of the shoes that we would normally trip over by the back door.  You come in, you put your shoes in the cabinet, easy enough. 
 I added some storage baskets with mini chalkboard signs, and filled them with poolside reading, and fun "play" stuff for the kids.  I set up a sunglasses and sunblock basket on top of Lil' Red, so no excuses, they know where to find it!  
So there it is, for a quick "outdoor station" where now, everyone knows where their flip flops are, the sunblock's in reach, and there's something to read or bubbles to blow!  Now if I can just get them to shut the doors!


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