Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Seeing Red

  Our powder room has been a thorn in my side, for a few years now, because of the unsettling red.  No offense to the spouse, he picked it and I really was too busy being pregnant for 3 straight years to care!  Fast forward to the present,  on the mornings that I have to work, I get ready in there to avoid waking up any of the offspring!  Because it was red, I literally could not see what the heck I was doing!
In keeping with my theme of "using what ya got," I had some leftover paint from the family room and used that. 

Oooooh! Lookin' better already!
But, I am not the best painter, I'll admit that.  So when it came to the wall-meets-ceiling edge, I decided to put up some crown molding, rather than worry about a straight edge.  Sounds easy right?  I mean, I've cut the angles for crown on furniture, how hard can it be for the ceiling?  Not so.  It's worse.  So off to Lowe's for corner blocks, (I really don't care if you think I cheated) it looks cute I might add!  I won't pretend to be some "crown molding expert," it's a whole different scene than adding it to a piece of furniture.  Tips for the first time installer:
-Put the corners in first. I used Liquid Nails and white finishing nails to keep them up while the liquid adhered.
-measure the space in between, be sure to do each wall separately, even a square room isn't perfectly square! I only have a miter box to cut the trim with, it does the job.

-I applied a small amount of Liquid Nails to the molding, as well, and tacked it up
-I let this dry for a day, only because I had to work! 
-Using painter's calk, I filled in the cracks, gaps, and nail holes. 
Happy so far, but I need to finish sanding and painting the trim next, and then the fun part: new accessories!
Check back on that one!

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  1. Hi Christy, I saw your article y'day. I love your staircase. I was looking at your blog and came across your powder room project. I have a question about molding. I do not have miter box or miter saw but would like to install molding myself in my bedroom. They are offering a class at local school on installing molding and trims but the fee is $250 so not sure if I can afford it. My question is since I do not have miter box or the miter saw, can I still install the molding. I saw that you used the 'block' that kind of gave me some hope that may be I do not need to cut corners. I can buy molding and blocks and install them.

    Any kind of suggestion will be greatly appreciated.