Friday, February 27, 2015

Tree Change Dolls

I am always the last to know things, I guess I just don't follow social media or care to.  But this story struck me and I am so amazed at this..check it out.

Sonia Singh, a mother (and quite gifted artist) from Australia has given these Bratz Dolls a "make-under."   I know my little miss,  and she doesn't even like those glitzy weird-looking dolls and would love these small version of ,what I think looks like, the American Girl Dolls.  I shared the video of Sonia's process with my 6 year old and she asked if we could make one!  Um, okay, I will accept the challenge and research what kind of paint I need, since Sonia's dolls sold out on Etsy in seconds!  

Here's a before and after Sonia posted!

Amazing !

Thank you Sonia for the inspiration, maybe I will hit up the toy section of a thrift shop for one to try on my own!  Maybe...

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