Tuesday, May 23, 2017

DIY Rustic Pet Dish Stand

Hi there! 
I tried out my basic wood-shop-from-Jr. High skills this past weekend.  After stumbling upon a few Rae Dunn pieces recently, including these pet dishes,  I quickly realized they were worthless without a raised stand to hold them.  I need a tall stand because the beast is large, and the bowls need to be displayed so that the wording will show.

 I came up dry, so I decided to use some scrap wood and make a trial frame, but it turned out cute enough to keep!

You can see the little sketch I made to try to map out a frame.  Now... I am no carpenter...this project is supposed to be rustic and old looking.  I could care less that the 45 degrees are misaligned and I even had my little lady child distress all of the pieces for me.  

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Closing Off a Two Story Foyer and Wallpaper on the Ceiling...

Welcome!  Come on in..
I have been a slacker about sharing this project, but I'm excited to show you the new foyer.
Our "Cookie-Cutter Colonial" was designed with a strange, small two story foyer.  It lacked impact because it houses a standard double-hung window, which from the street looks uniform across the front of the house, but was not the dramatic "open foyer"  that some homes have.  For years, and years, and years (11 of them) I have dreamed of having it floored off. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

DIY Rustic Kitchen Peninsula: A Joanna Gaines Inspired Kitchen Copycat

Happy Monday!  

I painted my kitchen cabinets last year with homemade chalk paint, and have never really loved the way the backside of the peninsula looked.  It's a huge white elephant in the room.  It's the first thing you see when you enter the back door and it's nearly eye level from the family when you have a seat!  Normal people could care less about stuff like that, but it bothered me..bad.  

Even with stools in front of it, it looks out of place.  I had plans of adding reclaimed wood but decided against it, then I fell for Chip and Joanna's reclaimed church alter island, but I have a peninsula in my kitchen not an island (and no access to reclaimed church parts).  

So I faked it.  

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

2017 Mission: Declutter

This month I've been following Laura @ theturquoisehome.com and trying to keep up with her  30 Days to Less of a Hot Mess Challenge.  I will admit I feel like I'm making some headway here and can't wait to say, "it's done!"  
Check it out here, it's not too late to start!

  I've discovered some tried an true rules to follow on my kid room clean-out jobs:

1. Schedule a donation pick-up before you begin.
This sets a "deadline" for your clutter and stops you (or anyone else in the home) from digging through the donation bags while they are waiting to be picked up!  I use the Vietnam Vets at pickupplease.org. They come in 24 hours on most dates.  They have been to my house three times this month already, maybe I'll leave them a snack next time.

2. Be picky about what you save for "hand-me-downs" between kids.
I have four boys, so naturally I saved everything to pass on to the rest...not knowing how different their build, height, and fashion sense would become.  I discovered 3 bins of out-of-style clothes I saved that have been taking up precious space in a closet.  Take it from me and only keep dress clothes and dress shoes.  (These don't seem to vary much in a few years time, and the cut in dress shirts/pants are pretty consistent for all builds).

3.  Start with storage areas first.
This is pretty obvious, yet I never start with an area that people can't see.  My first reaction is to pick up what is out and put things away.  You can't effectively put anything away if the storage area is full of too small, old, unused clothing.  Organize the closet and dressers, then focus on filling them. 

4. My final rule..Don't try to build Rome.  
Focusing on just one room or one closet at a time has made the task seem achievable.  Don't try to clean out all of the closets or everyone's dresser drawers in one shot.  You'll just get overwhelmed and give up.
After my home is all tidied up...I've got some fun blog changes to share, including a new site that's under construction! 
Thanks for visiting