Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lighten Up


Our living room was feeling blue, well beige, really.  It's the most unused room in the house and I really want to change that, but it's going to take some time. 

For now, I thought the windows would be a good place to start.  The drapes were stuffy and formal, not like our family at all.  The furniture, drapes, shades, and the valances were all the same tones of brown and tan.  (No, I'm not related to Mr. Knit Knots.)
  Enter...Bloom Where You're Planted.  This is how it started, I didn't get a full shot because I was so excited to take them down that I forgot to!
See how persnickety, even with the fringed valances down.
  I wanted fresh and airy, clean, crisp, breezy.  Yeah... white. 

The easiest (cheapest) solution was to buy 12 yards of 
white muslin, used for lining curtains, at $2.00 a yard. 

I cut it into 4 panels and just folded over the top and hung them with the existing clip rings. 
I let them pool on the floor (against everything Nate Berkus stands for, I know and I'm sorry, really, because I truly love him)  but I'm impatient, remember, and didn't feel like hemming them. 
Things were already looking better.  But ya know that feeling when you put on shorts for the first time in the summer?  That's what happened.  It felt nude, so I ordered some bamboo romans, best deal ever, from Kohl's,  to balance out my some dark furniture and the floors.  They arrived in 2 days (yay!)  and are darker, espresso really.  So happy.

Kohls$34.99 plus an additional 30% off!


I'm blooming now reader!  Just a little change, but wow, now my living room knows it's Springtime!!  I have big plans for the sofa in here, plans that will either : 

 a. work
 b. end up on the curb!!! 

Nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

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