Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mission Control: We Need a Command Center

Five kids, two busy parents, a business, jobs, classes, and the dog (I blame everything on him) I am in dire need of getting all things organized.  Now, I do have this little grouping of items I've collected for a "command center" thanks to a trip to Home Goods last week.
Really bad picture, but it's a huge pin board (on clearance whoot whoot!!) and a 3 pocket file -chicken wire style!!   So. Excited.

I just so happen to have a farm house table that was our first kitchen table from when we got married, and we obviously outgrew it, but it's in the basement.  I had dreams of doing something like this with the Home Goodies and table...
 Not pink, maybe blue?
Like this.. mmmm.


I think I can carve out a spot in the house for this stuff, as soon as I redo that table.

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  1. We totally need a command center too... it is in the works. It is so easy to get disorganized!! Can't wait to see what you put together,
    Krista @thehappyhousie